Can Muslims be assimilated?

The question of the assimilation of Muslims has been crucial in the European debate after the migrant crisis. At present, a large number of right-wing parties are talking about the conflict of cultures and the inability of the Muslim population to accept European cultural standards. In 2009, Christopher Caldwell spoke about the unincorporated population of Islamic faith that falls deeper into its radicalism and will dominate Europe due to relativism and the weak culture of the domicile population.

However, such views take into account only attempts to assimilate within Europe while America is neglected. There is a reason why the rate of radicalization of Muslims in America is much lower than in Europe. As Aleks Norvraste of the CATO Institute has shown, America has a much more flexible national identity that is not related to ethnicity, but more with certain values ​​of the person. Also, the American economic system is not regulated by the European and thus does not favor the domestic population. This has created the result that American Muslims have more liberal social views than European Muslims.

So the question of whether the abortion is morally acceptable is the following results


When asked if homosexuality is morally acceptable:


In Europe itself, there are various results of assimilation of Muslims. It is important to note that the Sabin Pokorni research was carried out in Germany, which was done for the needs of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This research led to a somewhat surprising result where it was found that German Muslims were equally religious as Christians. That the assimilation in Germany is more than efficient is confirmed by the fact that every representative in the German parliament of Turkish origin voted for a resolution confirming the genocide against the Armenians.

We have a second situation in France, which is now one of the main targets of jihadist attacks. According to the Brookings Research Institute, countries with the greatest chance of producing people fighting in Syria are francophone. A possible explanation of this result is a French political culture that attempts to completely eliminate the significance of religions in political debates and the national spirit. This approach, called laïcité, could potentially alienate Muslim immigrants and make them radical ideas so attractive.

What all these studies show is that there is nothing inherent in Islam that makes it incompatible with some progressive ideas. All current problems can be resolved with adequate institutional responses.



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